Do you have an itch to travel, but have no idea where to go? Are you trying to plan a memorable honeymoon but are overwhelmed by the possibilities or hampered by your budget? Are you willing to go anywhere but want to use airline miles and hotel points to fund your trip?

I have traveled extensively and know of many unique, thrilling destinations from first-hand experience. Many of these trips were made possible by using airline miles and hotel points. I also follow travel blogs on a daily basis and can always suggest multiple fascinating destinations for any trip, whether it's for a romantic getaway or a family vacation.  

How it works

After purchasing the consultation, I'll send you a brief survey with questions about what you are looking for in an amazing trip.

We will schedule a 15-minute Skype session or phone call to further discuss your ideal trip.

You'll receive a PDF guide of three destination that fit your travel needs and desires, complete with explanations of why those destinations were chosen specifically for you. If needed, an additional 15-minute Skype session or phone call is included in your package to further discuss your destinations.

After receiving your guide and choosing a destination, many clients desire more help in planning their trip. As such, I offer a discounted rate on my Curated Trip Planning to Where in the World Consultation clients.

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