Would you like to fly roundtrip to Japan with stops in Thailand and Vietnam for only $68? How about flying nonstop to Madrid for $50? Or stay in a top-rated hotel for 5 nights without paying a dime?

You can.

Whether you don't have much to spend or you're simply looking to save money on travel, I can help you book your dream trip using airline miles and hotel points.

How it works

I'll ask you a to fill out a survey with a few questions about where you want to go, your credit, your spending habits, and if you currently have any airline miles or hotel points.


I'll research the best airline miles and hotel points for your desired trip and, if needed, credit cards to earn you the points you need for your dream trip.

You'll receive a PDF  Guide with the best point and mile redemptions for your travel goals, credit cards to earn those, and tips and tricks to meet spending requirements and book award travel.