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The Best Meals I Had in Burgundy

The Best Meals I Had in Burgundy

Burgundy is a mecca for foodies. It’s tough to describe how rich and flavorful the dishes are. The secret ingredients in most of the famous dishes? Wine and butter. What could be better than that?

The only problem with dining out in Burgundy is that three-course meals (and sometimes four!) are the norm for both lunch and dinner. While you generally have the option of ordering “a la carte,” it’s often only a few more euros to order from the three-course menu. Our meals progressed like this: 

First course: Every bite was eaten. Delicious! 
Second course: This is so good. But so rich. Must. Finish. 
Third course: I almost forgot we had dessert coming. I can make room…
Food coma. How do people eat like this twice a day every day? And sometimes add a cheese course before dessert?!

And that was twice a day. Plus a baguette and cheese plate for breakfast each morning. It’s safe to say we ended each day in Burgundy satiated and full!

While all of the food we ate was delicious, I wanted to highlight a few stellar restaurants with incredibly memorable meals.

These are the best dishes I had in Burgundy.